I am a high school teacher and now a teen coach specialized in teens and young adults.

My passion is education and the stage I like most is middle and high school. After 6 years of teaching, of which three I was head of studies, I have decided to change careers and become a life coach.

As a teacher, I realized that what I really enjoyed, what inspired and moved me, was the person behind the student. What I loved to do was to get to know the individual, know their dreams, their fears and interests and work with them from there. I could see an endless amount of potential in every student but as a classroom teacher, I could not find the time to get to know each student in depth, like I wanted to. That is why, I decided to become a life coach. This way, I can work closely with each teen and accompany them in their search for identity. I cannot think of a more fascinating and rewarding job. As a coach, I help them connect with who they are and overcome the challenges of adolescence and early adulthood.