School stress, first loves, friendships, social media, sex and drugs are some of the hot topics that form part of teen and young adult life. In coaching, teens have a safe space, free of judgement, in which they can freely express themselves, figure out what they want to do and take action. They develop skills that will serve them for life.

A teen with low self esteem, a teen who does not love themselves,a teen who is not aware of his potential and talent is a lost teen. A teen at risk. Why not offer them the opportunity to know themselves, accept themselves, love themselves and take control of their lives. Why not empower them?

A coach is not a doctor, psychiatrist or therapist. A coach works with the teen’s objectives, goals and dreams. The coach focuses on developing the teen’s strengths, skills and strategies. Taking responsibility for their action is key. The teen, alongside the coach, look towards the future they have imagined and start their journey.
As a coach, I do not judge, I do not impose and I do not lead. I ask the necessary questions so that the teen, naturally wise, gains self awareness and expands their vision. I support, I cheer, I accept the teen just as he or she is. I believe in them 100 percent. After all, we all need someone to believe in us.